This is the next generation of tissue processing.
This is the gateway to crisp digital pathology.
This is world class morphological detail.
  to Ultralight Histology.
Ultralight Histology combines a uniquely engineered product lineup with consulting services to allow any laboratory to achieve drastically improved slide detail all by controlling the degradative effects of formaldehyde. The cornerstone of this protocol is the addition of Pristine, a patent-pending cocktail of amino acids designed to prevent the formation of artifacts by competitively absorbing excess formaldehyde. Improving detail is the true first step in achieving optimal digital pathology results, maximizing the result of any scanning platform.

The need for world class histology should not be underestimated. A number of discoveries have been made as a direct result of the improved detail achieved with Ultralight Histology. Perhaps most important among these is the unveiling of a cell recycling system in the colon. Contrary to what has long been hypothesized, cells do not shed but migrate through pores in the basement membrane and are enveloped and digested by macrophage in the lamina propria. Please see the image labeled "APG7 Apoptosisi" in the Gallery section of this website to see this recycling process in action.
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